The image above is apart of the Chinook Centre's "Coming Soon" store opening campaign. Chinook Centre is the largest shopping centre in Calgary.

This is a Cole Haan billboard featured in all Costco stores across South Korea.

The image above was created for the British retail chain John Lewis for their online store as a web banner. Below is a screen shot of how the image as it was used, along with some of my product photography .

The image above was used by the Danish Chair store Fleur Bodywear in their annual holiday catalog as well as their online store.

The image above was used to promote the in-house line at McGregor Socks. It was displayed in the Canadian Sales Showroom.

Superstar by McGregor promo piece. Handed out in Hudson's Bay stores across Canada. 

Weekender by McGregor Costco Tray followed by image close up. 

Cole Haan for Costco Tray Side Panel Images 

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